A Beginning Lesson in Bi-location

Have you ever wondered how to bi-locate with your awareness? Would you like to play a game that begins to teach you how? It’s as simple as looking out from a vantage point that is vastly different than the one you are currently identified with. This is really fun to play with, and I’ve been exploring it lately with the ocean.

Usually we are deeply, almost immutably identified with our particular human perspective. It’s what I call our vantage point. Our primary vantage point is made up of two things: our personality identification (male, female, white, native, republican, democrat, introvert, extrovert, etc.) and our history. This might include whether our family of origin was kind or cruel, what sorts of experiences we had in school, how easy or difficult life has been – all the usual things that go into making a life story. College courses call this your world view. But for me it is even more than that. It is a snapshot of how we define our selves, i.e. our identity, and this is one of the most limiting and constrictive perspectives we can experience in our consciousness. This limitation is what we shed in awakening.

We might also call our vantage point our field of perception. Like our world view, it is colored by our experiences and how we feel about them. It is our unique lens on life.

So to shift vantage points, or to bi-locate, or to explore many other interesting aspects of consciousness, we must let go of our primary field of perception, i.e. our identity. We can learn to do this with practice. Just think about it. How many other personalities have you been in other lifetimes? If this isn’t the only one your consciousness has known, there is no reason it’s the only place you need look out from now. Once we begin to loosen our primary field of perception, we begin to move into the unified field, where we can go or be anywhere, and even explore being anything. Fun, huh?

Here on the island of Hawaii, I’ve been playing with my vantage point being that of the ocean. It’s been fun and also funny, because compared to the ocean, I’m very very tiny! But in the unified field (what some call oneness), we source from the same energy that gives rise to all form, so in that sense we are the same. This is the great jumping-off point for time-travel, bi-location, and much more.

Try this, if you’d like to play with it. Pick an objection in your vicinity, or one that is remote.  Allow your brain to go soft and relaxed, a bit out of focus. Now invite the awareness of what it would be like to be that object or thing (or person or animal), to look out from its vantage point. Use your imagination, as it is a powerful tool! Place your awareness in the center of the thing, and notice what you perceive. This may be more impressionistic than visual. Now let that awareness grow to fill the form of what you are playing with. Your awareness is endless, infinite! So there is no limit to how vast it can become.

I played this game on the beach with my friend Claudia today, and we had a wonderful journey into many unexpected places. Remember, there is no right or wrong in the game. It’s all about expanding your awareness, and loosening the grip of your primary vantage point to allow more fluidity of consciousness.

Love and aloha, and have fun!


Photo: Pacific ocean off the west coast of Hawai’i. I think that if the ocean played music (I know to me she does), this might be an excerpt of one of her scores. 🙂


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November 3, 2018

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