Beautiful Body

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Beautiful Body

Another variation on the heart rock theme, also from Buena Vista, Colorado. This one pretty well blew my mind when I spotted it. Say what? Sedimentary, ignatius or celestial – who knows!?

I share it with you in honor of your beautiful body, the amazing vehicle of your divine consciousness. Today I’m loving on our bodies for the following reasons: #1: They are always truth-tellers. Unlike our minds, which can bargain, bully, and outright bullshit, our bodies only give us the straight-up truth. #2: The information they give is perfectly accurate and wise, 24/7. Our bodies never lie, and they are brilliant. #3: They also never criticize our minds. Seems to me the mind isn’t quite the same friend to the rest of the body! And #4: This amazing bundle of creation is the home for our souls to come and play here on earth, to learn, to experience, and to expand. Such a gift! Thank you, beautiful body, for carrying me through. Thank you for your wisdom and for being the divine vessel that you are. Thank you even when I don’t understand, when things appear broken or wrong, and when I imagine you are my enemy and I want to shoot the messenger!

They say we’re all made of star dust. Looks to me like that dust has cleaned up pretty well. I have often said to our dogs, “Thank you for coming as Sasha!” or “Thank you for coming as Maxwell!” So today, I say to this amazing energetic impulse of divine creation that has assembled itself into a miraculous bunch of molecules and cells, “Thank you for coming as Christine!” Try offering this gratitude to yourself. It’s really fun. Can you hear the heavenly echo?

“You’re welcome!”