Bridging Your Divine and Human Awareness

Do you ever find yourself with two completely opposite perspectives in your experience, one that tells you everything is perfect and in divine right order, and the other that is throwing a tantrum like a toddler going, “WTF???!!!”

Welcome to Being Human and Divine.

There are always multiple layers of awareness happening in us, an infinite number, actually. The two that we experience the most, and which are also often incongruous, are what I will call our God Awareness and our Being Human Awareness.

Our God Awareness is rooted in the peace that passes all understanding and is essentially neutral. It is the knowing and inner vision of our Infinite Being. The Being Human Awareness is rooted in our earthly experience and feels anything but neutral. It engages with everything, usually very passionately! As humans we are quite aware of what we desire, what we fear, what we love, what we struggle with, what feels right and wrong, what we resist and what we embrace. We have opinions, preferences and reactions to all of that. Some things are ok with us, and some are not.

Our God Awareness is fully at peace with all experiences. It is pure awareness without attachment or engagement. And, get this, it literally is the awareness that notices what the human is experiencing. One of the ways to be clear on this is to ask something you are feeling (like fear, concern, or sadness) if that feeling has awareness of itself, or if something else has awareness of it. We always find that something is aware of of what we feel, think, or experience, but the thought or feeling itself has no awareness. Thus we can begin bridging our Being Human Awareness (what we are feeling, thinking or experiencing) with our Divine Awareness (that which notices this).

And to be clear, our human definitely has a list of experiences which appear on the not-approved list! We generally resist what we don’t like. And this is where we often find ourselves in conflict, because the fullness of our Being resists nothing, and actually has no opinion about it. This is where we can experience, “I know this is all unfolding perfectly, but it feels like CRAP! What the HECK with that?!”

Here are a couple of navigational tools for bridging these awarenesses. The first I outlined above. Notice that you are aware of feelings and thoughts, and then begin to move your primary vantage point to that awareness rather than identifying with the thought or feeling.

Another is to ask yourself this question: What do I, as the Awareness of God, know about this? I love that one. It’s helpful to ground (feet energetically into the earth or into the core vibration of you, whichever feels better) and expand your awareness first by focusing on your breath and then by allowing your presence to expand out beyond your body (and even the room you are in). When you feel grounded and expanded, ask that question, and let your awareness answer. It’s amazing. You may be surprised at the profundity of what you know!

A third is to surrender the need to understand, and to choose to live from the vantage point of this higher awareness, no matter how little sense that makes to your human. Mental understanding comes along after our consciousness takes a leap, not before. So first we trust and flow. What do I, as the Awareness of God, know about this?

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Infinite Love – Christine




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November 7, 2017

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