Public Enemy #1


“Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” – Jesus

Truth #1: Humanity is a single organism. Many parts, one body, all expressions of one divine being. There is only one of us here.

Truth #2: Demonizing the “other” is always demonizing parts of ourselves. When we mark another as an “enemy,” we are showing ourselves what in us is not yet in love. We are revealing our untruth to ourselves through our judgment. Judgment is always a beacon to the universe, saying, “I’d like to know more about that, please.”

Truth #3: Only when nothing in us is our enemy, when we perceive no thing as wrong or bad or evil or in need of fixing, will there be no enemy without.

What in you is your enemy? What in you is not ok, should be different, or do you hate or criticize? This is your public enemy #1. How many enemies do you have?

Love your enemies. The first enemy in line is you. It is always you, because there is only you. There is no “other.” There is only one of us here. As within, so without.

When we love our enemies, they are no longer enemies.They become are our lovers. When we love our selves, we open ourselves to experience the love that we are. There is no threat here. When we begin to see that all “enemies” are only parts of ourselves asking to be welcomed back into the folds of love and oneness, we have found our life’s purpose.

Every time we unconditionally love (accept without judgement) a formerly unloved part of ourselves, we are bringing about world peace. Truly. It’s that simple. 

Love your enemies. Love you. You are worth it. The world will give you plenty of clues as to what you don’t yet love. It’s easy, really. Just watch and notice. Your heart will show you. Remember, whatever you judge is what you are interested in learning more about, in experiencing more. The energy of judgment draws those things to you so that you can attend to them, so that you can return them to love. 

You are so beautiful you make the angels sing. Anything else you may think or perceive about yourself is only there to lead you back to the truth of who you are – the very substance and being of God, of Creation, of Love.



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December 8, 2015


  1. allison

    Beautiful and original thinking; thank you for sharing. This all makes sense to me. <3

    • Christine Elder

      Thanks, Allison. I know we are kindred hearts in this! Love – C

  2. Deirdre

    Love this Chirstine!! Thank you. <3

    • Christine Elder

      You are welcome, Dierdre. Love to you!


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