Freedom from Limiting Beliefs – Simple and Profound

Have you ever wondered how you’ve ended up in a belief loop that keeps repeating itself, and you can’t seem to find your way out? I thought it would be fun to share a simple and profound awareness and tool that helps you quickly exit that loop for good.

We begin with this awareness:

Experiences that are taken personally become beliefs.

Just breathe that in for a moment.

Once a belief sets in, it will perpetuate itself by happening again and again in your experience. It’s the nature of beliefs, to procreate! This multiplication isn’t borne so much of the truth of what you believe, i.e. that life is proving what you believe to be true, as it is repeatedly showing you point blank what you believe.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend who is repeatedly stood up for lunch or tea, even sometimes by very responsible people who never forget such things. It just seems to happen, and it’s weird!  So I was looking at this, because it was curious to me. Here’s what I saw, in the energetic tracing of the pattern.

There is an initial experience of some kind (usually related to feeling unloved, unworthy, or not enough), in this case, being stood up. Perhaps that first time was an anomaly. Perhaps she didn’t take it personally. But then it happened again. Maybe even again! At which point it became personal. “There must be something wrong with me.” “People just don’t value time with me.” “I’m always getting blown off.” The experience turned into a core belief, because she made it about her. She took it personally. This is easy to do, because we feel things very intimately. The thing is, no matter how strongly you feel something, one’s behavior around you is ever about you. Ever.

When something becomes personal we give it the power to recreate itself. Why? Taking it personally is our signal to the universe we have more to learn there. Suddenly that experience becomes a reproductive machine. It makes new little belief babies that are related to the original beilef, born of its DNA, but not exactly the same. This can then become a lifetime of experiences of being abandoned, disrespected, abused, insulted, etc. It can happen collectively or individually.

The thing is, for most of us, the core belief actually sets in when we are too young or little to know it has nothing to do with us. If a parent tells us we’ll never amount to anything, or never shows up for us, we have no way of knowing it isn’t about us. How could we know that? We’re probably 5 years old.

But we have other options now. Here is where the magic comes in. In awakened awareness, we can know and do several things.

  1. We acknowledge everything is now. So the inception of the belief is actually now as well. Which means we can address it in this present, conscious state.
  2. We choose to be fully and lovingly present with the abandoned, unloved, or unwanted part of ourselves with the angelic presence of light and consciousness we are now. Not sure how to do this? Speak to yourself the way you would someone else who you love that you are supporting.
  3. Acknowledge, as many times as it takes, that the original offense had nothing to do with you. Tell that part of yourself you are loved, worthy, and more than enough. Wake the illusion of you as “not enough” up by seeing yourself as the infinite loving light that you are. Again, need help? Get a guide! That’s what guides (like me and many others) are here for. To have each others’ backs and wake up the planet. It’s time.
  4. Begin to live human from the perspective of infinite. It is very difficult to do human from human consciousness, much like trying to “solve the problem at the level it was created,” as Einstein said. When we live from awakened awareness, and have all of our human capacities, experiences and feelings through that lens, it finally doesn’t have to hurt so much.

Have fun with this, and thank you for reading. If you’d like to explore further, I’m happy to share that all sessions are now on sale through May 31. Buy them by the end of the month, use them whenever you like.

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Loving You All –




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May 24, 2018


  1. Don Kerr

    Thank you, Christine!….crystal clear!..

    • Christine Elder


  2. Theresa Witek

    Absolutely Perfect!! Was completely triggered last night and this helped me become aware of why and more importantly, brought me right back into my heart!! Thank you Christine!!! So much Love!!!

    • Christine Laria

      That’s so wonderful, Theresa. YES. Thank you for sharing! So much love – C


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