How Do You Stay So Positive?

A client of mine asked me how I’m able to remain so positive. It was a great question, and it led me to the following observations:

1. I’m willing to fully have whatever is up in my life (meaning experience it without resistance) whether that is joy, frustration, delight, a good snot cry, anger, exuberance, or despair. I am willing to be light and happy in the midst of the world’s sorrows as I am willing to be sad or angry if that’s how I feel. I’ll be with whatever is up only as long as is necessary and will not feed it with further thoughts (water the seeds of suffering). But while it’s here, I’ll go all in to all of it, which allows it to flow, which then allows me to easily settle back into the natural state that we all are, which is one of peace and ease.

2. I refrain from assigning meaning to feelings or the situations that brought them forward.

3. I choose not to become my environment. The predominant programs running in the air are fear, separation and negativity. A lack of choice on my part means an almost certain alignment with the energetic landscape. I choose sovereignty.

4. I align with the flow of my day, my inner landscape, and my being rather than try to create it. There is nothing more frustrating and tiring than being in opposition to what *is* in a given moment.

5. If I find myself in a state of dissatisfaction, it most likely means I’m not present to the moment, and likely I’ve taken a detour into thoughts of past or future. There is never any boredom or dissatisfaction when I’m fully present to what is.

6. I love to let life show me things. “Show me what I haven’t seen yet,” as my friend Vicki likes to say. I go into the day with “I wonder what might delight me today?”

7. I listen to my guidance, all of the instincts that nudge me in a particular direction. Always.

8. I love myself unconditionally. I do not choose against me, throw myself under the bus, or sacrifice my well-being for someone else’s need. I have found this to be the golden key to loving the world, the day, and whatever shows up.

9. I gave up making me or anyone else wrong about anything. Ever. If I forget, I give it up again. I choose to be done with judgment.

10. I also give up making me or anyone else right. haha!

11. I live in a continual state of “I have no idea!” (what this is, what might happen, what this means, etc.). Over and over this strikes me as the truest thing I can think, and it opens huge spaces for the universe to reveal itself and live and breathe through me, to surprise and delight me. I have no idea!

Here’s a picture a friend of mine took at Mosswood Hollow while I was following my bliss of the moment, photographing the crazy-beautiful ice crystals that sprouted everywhere.
What about you? How do you stay positive?


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January 13, 2017

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