How Emotion Creates in Your Life

Do you ever get a moment of confusion when you hear people say you are creating your reality, and you look around and have zero resonance with that statement based on the nature of everything you see? Why (and how) on earth would you ever create that?

We are powerful creators, and so is everything and everyone around us. So how is it true that we create our reality when we are also experiencing the manifestations of others, and what are our options when the reality we are living feels out of alignment with our choice?

The key is found in the hierarchy of creation which is determined by our beliefs, emotions, and imagination. We are constantly interacting with everything around us through these three circuits. These three aspects create our responses, which in turn determine what is created and lived through us.

Let’s take a look at emotion. Emotion is one of the main pathways of voltage in creation. In other words, what we “feel strongly about” has a lot of creative potential and will more readily create particular experiences. When we view world events within this understanding (particularly the ones we don’t feel we are creating but are being created around us), we begin to understand how “getting upset about things” adds juice to the nature of events that we are noticing. In a sense, we’ve added affirmation (i.e energy) to that timeline stream by participating emotionally. We may even give that stream a trifecta of creative power through emotion, belief, and imagination:  I’m upset about it, I believe things are very bad, and I am imagining the worst case scenario will happen. When we’ve handed the triple header of creation to someone else, we’ve given their agenda superpower status. It’s no wonder we then feel discouraged and out of control!

Thus when we are in upset about “what is happening,” we are handing the wheel of our life vehicle to someone else’s creation. Conversely when we recognize and claim our accountability and our power in creation, we are putting ourselves in the driver’s seat. There may be someone still barking directions at us from the back seat, but we get to determine whether to take their suggestions or not!

Here are three steps to powerfully redirect the emotional hierarchy of creation back to alignment with your choice and preference, meaning aligned with the love, peace, and freedom that you are (I give a great personal example of this in my YouTube video HERE):

1. Stop. Take a deep breath, and recognize that you are creating your reality. 100%. This can create a moment of cognitive dissonance because our sovereignty is true even though there are scores of co-creative forces at play in other individuals, collectives, and energy fields. So we speak our accountability and responsibility not just an affirmation, but as a creation statement. Thus we create an avenue to what we want instead of what we don’t. “I am creating this. I am owning that this experience is of my creation.” Remember, if we say that someone else is “doing this to me,” we have handed them the alpha seat of creation. Whoever holds the alpha seat will be the primary creator in the experience. So a belief that someone else is in charge will create more of itself, i.e. more of the experience “they” are handing us. So stop and take ownership. Be the alpha in your life. Really sit with this until it feels saturated and permeated through your whole body and being. Remember, this is not about making yourself wrong (particularly if you are experiencing pain from your situation). It is about empowerment.

2. Acknowledge your feelings of human victimhood. Why? Because they are feelings, and feelings want to be recognized, and if they are left unacknowledged, they will likely keep vying for your attention until you give it! Let me be clear: recognition of feelings does not mean handing them power. Rather we offer neutral acknowledgement, in other words our presence, which is unconditional love. We do not, however, invite these feelings to create our reality. Just as we do not invite an upset child to dictate world policy based on how she feels. We simply listen and be present to our feelings. In this way we honor what we have already created. This honoring allows the stagnant energy of the emotion to move and become something else.

Notice how this piece may be completely at odds with the first one. “I am 100% responsible for this” sits right next to “You’ve done this to me and I am angry at you for that!” And notice how, in our human awareness, both things are true! Now is the time to choose to move beyond the need to reconcile ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It is much more powerful to simply be present to them all. Trying to reconcile irreconcilable experiences is akin to an elementary math for simple, 3D beings. You are way beyond that now.

3. Make a powerful choice for what is next. If you wish for a different experience or way, choose it. Stand up for yourself. Create boundaries. Be clear. Your clarity and choice is extremely potent. Do this not out of the passion of the moment, but out of the power of your presence. Again, you can see a personal example of this in my youtube video.

And most of all, take heart. Remember you are navigating a complex reality as a multidimensional, multi-sensory (and I mean way beyond 5!) being. So breathe. Love. Repeat.

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Sending you all my love and encouragement for the journey –



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March 2, 2019

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