I love you

I love you

Do you say “I love you” freely? Are you sometimes afraid to say it? What if we could so freely express the love that we are that we were all in a state of romance with life every day? Love moments. Love breaths. Love beats. Pulsing, flowing, moving, sharing, touching, and freeing. Because when being the love that we are, we simply love. We can’t help ourselves. And it goes in every direction, not so “here to there” but more like a flood, saturating everything in our world. I’ve been known to say “I love you” to people I’ve recently met. It just comes out of me, sometimes when I least expect it! I admit sometimes they’ve stared back at me completely unsure of what to say or do next. Awkward moment…what does that mean, they wonder… It means nothing and everything at the same time.

This quote by Don Miguel Ruiz brought it home for me today:

I am not afraid to tell you, “I love you”.
Your mind may say, “How can you love me when you don’t even know me?”
I do not need to know you.
I do not need to justify my Love.
I love you because this is my Pleasure.
Love coming out of me makes me Happy, and it is not important if you reject me because I do not reject myself.
In my story, I live in an ongoing Romance and Everything is beautiful for me.
To live in Love is to be alive again.
When you recover your integrity, you always follow Love.
You live your life as an eternal Romance because when you Love yourself, it is easy to Love everyone else.
You Love so much that you do not need anyone else’s Love to make you happy.
Don Miguel Ruiz
(and Christine 🙂 )

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