Leaping in the Liminal Spaces

(because everyone comes to the point where they have to let go).
Liminal: adjective
1. relating to a transitional stage of a process.
2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.
“A place where fresh water meets salt water is liminal in one of the most important and mythic senses. In imaginal geographies, this is often a preferred point of entry into the Otherworld.” – Robert Moss (dream teacher and my mentor as a psychopomp, i.e guide to the dead and dying).
It’s been a beautiful day already, and just keeps getting more so. We’ve steeped in sea and sky, sand and salt. We imbibed the spirit of aloha where new friends offered us cherries, shrimp, and spirits on the beach (we declined the spirits – plenty of those in the atmosphere already!). And then we headed to hike Pololu, one of the sacred valleys on the big island of Hawaii.

It is always an adventure heading down into the valleys on the north end of the island. Both Pololu and Waipio offer portals to other dimensions with thin veils and invitations into intimacy with powers and presences that span more than centuries – they span worlds. My friend Claudia and I always know to enter the valleys reverently and with permission.
After descending the rocky trail, she barefoot, we stop to notice where we are drawn. Immediately I feel the pull of the liminal space, where the freshwater stream meets the swirl of the salt water ocean. I was in just such a spot 2 weeks ago on the other end of the stretch of cliffs and valleys before us, in Waipio. There the water convergence was tumultuous – crazy-wild with mixed trajectories, shifting sands, and foaming surf. Here it is gentle – you can easily cross without even getting wet!
We make our way across and down a path. It ends at a point of contemplation along the river, a small landing of dirt and grass. We stop, stand, and breathe. After a while Claudia points out the steep hillside right across from us, the one we recently descended.
The entire landscape was in motion, undulating with so much fluidity it made us both dizzy. We could feel the land traversing dimensions, being both here and there, shimmering in the liminal spaces.
At one point I looked down at the water directly in front of us. A presence made itself known. It was non-embodied, previously embodied, and its current quality was dark – murky with unhappiness and unresolved issues. As soon as I acknowledged them, they spoke to me. I say they because it felt like a singular entity, speaking on behalf of many. They had a grievance to share, and wanted to settle the score. They had been wronged. They may have died in these waters, or nearby. They were here for justice and retribution.
I saw the quandary. They wanted resolution, but it was no longer possible in this dimension. That time, that reality, had passed. So I spoke to them directly.
“You’ll have to move on. You can’t do that here. There is no way to resolve your dispute now. It’s time to let go. Everyone comes to the point eventually where they simply have to let go.”
This was all happening on the inner planes, not spoken aloud, but very clear. Just as I completed the conversation, Claudia spoke with her human mouth, “It’s more peaceful now.” Yes. We noticed the hillside had settled and was still. The water was neutral. I shared with her what I had perceived. She asked aloud if there was anything they wanted. We both got “no,” that they were grateful to have been seen and recognized, and had moved on.
I was now ready to move on myself from this space. Having witnessed a clearing of certain energies, I knew I wasn’t interested to see what might opt to come and fill that void. The energetic landscape in Hawaii is wild, and just like the waters and land, it is fluid, undulating, and ever changing. I respectfully acknowledged that this time around my time was complete.
We moved back toward the threshold of fresh and salt water. Claudia was inspired to play with the camera. We leapt and laughed and played. We then turned to ascend the trail, honoring and thanking the valley as we left.
I love the message that came through for them and for me (and all of us): Everyone comes to the point eventually where they simply have to let go.
So today I invite a deeper letting go, a surrender all the way through, a knowing that in releasing that which I cling to, I receive what I truly am: freedom.
Infinite love to you –
Christine Laria

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May 24, 2019

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