Lion Love

Lion Love

I love lions. I love them so much, and it turns out today is World Lion Day. With lions I see power, repose, confidence, and clarity. And the of course there is the human intervention into their naturally balanced world, which skews those qualities. But they show them to us anyway.

Here are some pics from our 3rd trip to Kenya in 2013. For three days we hadn’t seen a mature male on our safari. It was our last game ride, the morning of the day we’d begin our flights back to the states. And then our guide found him. SO BEAUTIFUL. I loved how when he turned just so, his chest fur formed a heart.





Here is his very nicely styled hairdo. Don’t you just want to snuggle it?



His lady companion was equally stunning, whether resting,


readying for the hunt,


or checking out the evening’s menu with her guy.



My dream is to be like Kevin Richardson, also known as the “lion whisperer.” Here he is, up close and personal with some of his wild lion friends (all of these photos are courtesy of Kevin Richardson’s facebook page):






I dreamed of lions last night, not knowing today was World Lion Day, but I was aware we are in the celestial window known as the Lion’s Gate. A female followed me home from a site of some trouble, and I brought her inside to live with me. Her presence then drew three males to the patio outside the glass door, from that same site of trouble. Apparently I thought one lion in the house was manageable, but four seemed a bit rowdy. I wish I could say how it turned out!

My daydreams are filled with scenes a la the lion whisperer: hugging them, playing with them, feeling their power and softness up close and personal. For now, I settle for our Golden Max, who is my gentle lion, our Aslan.


So noble.


And so gentle.

Love is so infinitely strong and soft at the same time. Lions. Max. Us.

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