Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror

The world around us is a dual-function mirror. It mirrors our consciousness as a perfect reflection of aspects of our relationship with ourselves, and it is also a divine pointer to the field of play around us.

Do you like what is showing up in your mirror? If you’d prefer something different, you have a couple of choices. The first is for when you feel triggered or lit up by something. This is an indicator to take a good look inside, because the trigger is the signal of where the informational gold is for you. Triggers are always about us, because we all light up differently to different events, depending on our content. Thus the trigger is pointing us to our content, places of constriction or non-resolution in ourselves that are asking for our attention.

If you aren’t triggered but are noticing things around you and are having awarenesses and experiences about those things, you might recognize that what is reflecting back to you is simply information about the program running in the environment, and that you are a sensitive receiver. This is helpful to know so that you can simply let the information and experience pass on by. It doesn’t require your engagement.

In either case, whatever is showing up in your life is a divine opportunity full of perfect information to assist the conscious expansion of your soul. EVERYTHING is here for this purpose: for you, in pure love and service.