Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Is money the root of all evil? A friend was lovingly supporting me around my recent life circumstances, and this question arose. As she spoke about it, I found myself intrigued, noticing how the phrase not only points at a powerful belief, but how the question itself leads us to a treasure chest of insight and freedom. Knowing how effectively beliefs create our realities, I wanted to look at this one more.

Do you ever face constrictions around money? Have you ever felt you don’t have enough, or that something is out to get your money (the government, scams, your life circumstances, a hostile other)? Do you feel you compromise your own choices in order to keep someone or something providing for you? In short, does money ever bring you to fear? And conversely, does money ever bring you to unconditional love? That might be an even more interesting question.

The thing is, if money is the root of all evil, it must also be the root of all good. Why? Because all energies always bring their opposite into play when we believe them as true. This is simply the energetics of belief. When we play one side of a belief coin (such as “I am hot shit,”) we will eventually be engaged with the other side as well (“I am a piece of shit”) because, well, a coin is a coin! It is a single thing. We will engage with each side either by identifying with it, or resisting (judging) it. We usually feel more resonant with one side or another, though this can shift over time. When we resist an opposite, we are fully engaged with it, because that is the nature of resistance: more engagement, not less. Resistance tightens the grip that belief has on our life. Energy in itself is not separate or dual. It’s we who divide it into opposites.

Let’s open this further. If we align with “I am good,” we are also open to “I am bad.” Our desire to be good and not bad will keep us bound in a loop of judgment, no matter where we land. If we believe “I’m not worthy,” it must mean we believe there is something or someone out there that is inherently more worthy than something else. Even a belief in our unworthiness is an essential misperception (through our pain) of what we are. To me, everything truly is equal in God space, which leads me to wonder, how can God be more worthy than itself?

My awareness shows me that good and evil (and all opposites) are human constructs borne in the plane of duality we embody in physicality. They are certainly true concepts when viewed from human perception, and yet from the level of the transcendent eternal, they don’t actually exist. Everything (meaning us and everything around us) simply is. So the first puzzle when I look at “is money the root of all evil?” is how could one thing be the root of another thing that doesn’t exist? Hm… Isn’t this a fun question? I feel we’re being asked to look more closely at the heart of the matter.

It’s no mystery how we perceive money as “evil.” It clearly plays out as all sorts of misery:  power over others, control, manipulation, fear, scarcity, competition, and dishonesty. In other words, it plays out as the pain of separation. We often feel it shows us someone’s “true colors.” But what if money, rather than showing us the true nature of ourselves or someone else, is actually showing us where we or they are in separation consciousness? I never believe separation to be our most essential nature. Like anything, it’s simply what we’re playing with in our awareness, until we aren’t.

Our question is pointing us smack dab back at the core of who and what we are, and it is always painful not to see and know what we truly are. We call this separation. This is really what we’re up against. Want to know a little secret? This is actually the only thing we’re ever up against: our perception of separation. And honestly, all the ways we experience separation do feel like evil, because they hurt: pain, disease, lack, war, poverty, greed, jealousy, despair, hate, fear… and the list goes on. And yet, if we can set “evil as pain” aside for a moment and look at our topic from the consciousness point of view, we still have to wonder, is money the root of all separation?

Like all energies, separation in us always plays both sides of the coin, and we are likely more identified with one side than another. If someone is playing “power over” with money, and it has any charge for us, we are necessarily playing the other side (you have the power, I am powerless). This is where we feel they can manipulate or harm us. And in the paradigm of separation, they can! It’s true! Until it isn’t. Because no matter how we maneuver within these parameters, there is no way to win the game. There is no way to actually be free. There may be an illusion of “winning,” i.e. landing the coin with a certain side up, but it still means we’re engaged with the opposite. As long as we’re playing the separation coin, we are missing the greatest and most powerful truth afforded us: we are whole and complete always and in all ways. The only way to be free in this game is not to play.

In this moment of illumination, rather than being the root of all evil, money becomes our master guide. Because money, as the pure, singular, non-dual energy it is, can powerfully point out our perceptions of separation in an instant. It shows us our fears and judgments faster than almost anything else. Likewise, if we’re seeing this separation in someone else (meaning their relationship with money), remember we’re seeing it in us. The good news is we can harness this power of awareness for our awakening. If you take money (and everything you feel around it) as your benevolent guide that is showing you your perceptions so that you might be free of them, don’t you think it’s pretty kick-ass? It’s like a ferocious personal trainer! Just when you think you can’t do another rep, and your abs or quads are burning, and your heart is pounding, money screams out at you, “See what you are! There is no power but what you truly are: God incarnate! See your truth, and live from there!”

That said, I have tremendous compassion for every time we fall into fear or constriction around money. I have patience for every time we believe we need someone else to take care of us and provide for us, and for every time we hand our power away to the almighty dollar, euro or yen. Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there, and I’m in the trenches now! (or is it the master garden…hm, yes, it’s that).  I’m simply calling you to be the bad-ass that you are and step up to the plate to see your truth. The only thing you’re up against is separation, and separation is only real until it isn’t. Everything in you is asking you to see and embrace the truth of your being. It’s the only thing ever happening! Every fear is guiding you home. The thing is, the only one who can step off the playing field of separation and into the wide open space of freedom is you.

And remember this: the fears don’t go away before you step. The fears dissolve as you cross the threshold. The fears are what are inviting you to step forward in the face of your beliefs, into your truth, into your knowing, and into your power. This power isn’t even “yours” in the sense of the personal “I.” It is the power of All that Is. This is what you are, and it’s a good place to play.

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February 22, 2018

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  1. Judy

    ChristiEl! I love your Divine insight and perspective (truth). I ‘read’ your blog with all my senses. And your photos are pure magic. Thank you! LOVE


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