News Flash: What’s Your Story?

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News Flash: What's Your Story?

Stories make the news. Usually bad or painful stories. Painful things happen in our world every day.

And so do beautiful, loving, and exquisite things. Every day, people love. They radiate joy. They create beauty. They be the infinite beauty that they are. But being love isn’t much of a story, is it? And even the stories we hear on the news of something inspirational or uplifting often are framed by the struggle that made them stand out: the person who gives the dying child their wish of meeting a famous sports figure, the anonymous giver who delivers presents to a poor family, the gentle soul who rescues abused animals.

What if we were captivated by the incredible power of love for love’s sake, love that just IS? No story, no contrast to what is “wrong,” just the infinite presence of love? It’s not much of a headline draw, is it? “Gertrude drove to work radiating peace and love.” “As Neil sat at his office desk, he sent thoughts of love and support to all of his co-workers.” “Sarah embodied the presence of infinite love today.” “Sam’s playful joy made everyone smile and giggle for hours.”

Doesn’t it sound good? “Ellen radiated infinite space and freedom from her heart and the world was transformed.” “A ribbon of crystalline light emanated from him, lifting everyone in his presence into a sense of peace and well-being.” “All the world took a breath of love together – breathed it in, became it, and conflict ceased. Everyone looked around, a little dazed, and wondered what the fuss had been all about.”

In such a world, we’d easily lose interest in painful stories, because we simply wouldn’t see them any more. They vaporized in the presence of so much love. Nothing happened, no story to report, no dramatic upheaval. Love, peace, joy and beauty just finally came into full focus and nothing else could stand.