On Awakening

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On Awakening

The heart of you is the heart of everything.

In the Christian tradition, this would be the Word, in Buddhism, Pure Awareness, outside of tradition, Oneness. And as Source has manifest into so many expressions, here on earth we have this experience of the fruit on one side of the tree looking at the fruit on the other side and thinking it is something other than itself. So we have the experience of separation, or the perception of separation.

But as we allow ourselves to experience Pure Awareness, to be the power that animates the entire body instead of thinking we are parts of it, we no longer experience the separation. We have perspective, but not separation.

And this is what I got today! At this level, my experience of “Christine” is the same as my experience of anyone else. Yes, my brain, body, senses, experiences, are coming through as “Christine,” but my awareness is behind that, before that, just as my awareness of looking at another is not within them, either. I have the same vantage point whether I am looking at “me” or “another.” Awareness looks at itself! I am not “Christine” any more than I am “you.” But I am all of that.

This illuminates the experience of separation within the “self,” where separation begins. Because from this persepctive, that of pure awareness, there is no judgment or opinion about the experience “I” am having, just as I have no judgment about the experience “others” are having. There is no separation into the preferred or non-preferred experience, the like or not like, just the awareness. Which completely erases struggle. There is only awareness and flow.

So the idea of “wholeness” within the self, i.e. harmony or integration, ceases to exist and “wholeness” becomes the awareness that observes self and everyone else, and which sees “self” merely as one expression, one that we are intimately connected to through sensation, emotion, thought and experience, but still which is just another expression like every other one.

SO grateful for the divine gift of this awareness today, which as all truth does, came not through thought or pondering, but just dropped in as knowing. Grace.

Infinite love to you, from my infinity to yours. Funny, huh? As if infinity could be anything other than itself!
And P.S. – just how did that little heart get on the end of that leaf up there? Hmmm….
on awakening the end of separation

on awakening the end of separation