Perception is Creation

I frequently encounter skeptics in my line of work who express such sentiments as, “Does this new-age stuff really work?” or “Can people actually heal from a sound transmission?” 

In my experience, the answer to the above is “YES.” And still, I find skepticism very interesting, because it tells me a lot about the person sharing it. Watching their skepticism also illuminates a great deal about consciousness and how we create.

Just recently my Hawaii host told me he didn’t believe in something I was speaking about. I was completely neutral in hearing this, because there is nothing personal in it, and I have no agenda around someone else’s beliefs. His belief is about what his life shows him, based on what has experienced (or not experienced) and how he’s felt about it. It was a gentle, soft exchange.

His comment led me to think on how whether we believe in something has nothing to do with whether it exists. It simply means we don’t believe in it. A person could say, “I don’t believe in airplanes,” but that does not stop airplanes from going up and down. Another person (or many people, many wise, learned and respected people) could say, “The world is flat,” or “The earth is the center of the solar system,” and that doesn’t keep this spectacular, blue marble jewel from spinning over and over around the sun.

My mom once said to me, “I don’t want to be a flat-earth person,” which was her way of saying “I don’t want to limit my possibilities of experience only by what my life has shown me thus far.”

What I witness over and over is the creative power of perception. I notice how our perceptions of our experiences (which are usually delineated through how we feel about them) become our beliefs. Beliefs then create more experiences that affirm that perception. Simply stated, beliefs are things we think are true. They range from “God is Love,” to “Life’s a bitch and then you die,” from “Karma is real,” to “Only love is real.” Most of us think our beliefs are true because either our lives prove them to be so, or we choose to believe they are. Creation and choice.

What’s really interesting about this is that, in a sense, every single thing humans believe is true is actually true at some level, because we create that truth into being through our perceptions. It’s fascinating!

What if beliefs aren’t actually proving themselves to be true, but rather the nature of creation is that our lives will constantly mirror to us what we believe? Thus beliefs are creative rather than conclusive. These mirrors can be very persuasive in further solidifying our beliefs, as they continually reflect to us in manifest form what we believe. It’s an amazing self-perpetuating loop. Until something or someone opens us to new possibilities.

While beliefs don’t prove or disprove anything, they do keep us from experiencing broader horizons, because they are inherently limiting. If we are not open to what is beyond our current belief, we likely won’t see it, much like the natives on the shore that didn’t see the huge ships approaching because they had no frame of reference or experience for such things, or the powers that be who persecuted scientists for their round-earth theories. Since beliefs limit perceptions, our own beliefs frequently limit our creation and manifestation.

This is why where we choose to focus is so important. Our attention reinforces, i.e. creates more of that perception. What if nothing was as we “believed?” What do you believe about humanity? About the planet, about the state of global affairs? And let me ask you this: where has that perception formed? Has it formed through the inner vision of your own, magnificent, infinite heart, or has it been fed to you from the outside as images, stories, and reports? Where is your focus?

Creating from external perceptions can create victim consciousness, a sense that life is happening “to” us rather than “through” us. In awakening, as we let go of our this perception, we become ready to assume 100% accountability for our reality by creation through perception.

My world is not different than anyone else’s, but my perception of it is fully unique, as is yours! I choose perception that is empowered in the knowing that I have a choice. Because if we don’t know we have a choice, we don’t really have one, do we?

Try this affirmation: “Today I choose to see all that is around me through the lens of my infinite, creative heart. I affirm my sovereignty in creation. And so it is.” Try it and see if you don’t witness a whole different universe.

Infinite Love – Christine

photo: Guara in light, playing as an angel fairy


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November 1, 2018


  1. Tom

    Actually perception is creation, literally. I mean, the thing, quality,etc. perceived IS only perception. That is the real meaning of “you create your own reality”. And that is what is meant by being “one with God”. There is one perceiver, God, and absolutely everything else is pure perception. So, to the extent you’re perceiving, you’re creating.

    • Christine Laria

      I love that, Tom. Very beautifully and concisely said.


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