On Saving Others from their Life

Why would we try to steal someone else’s experience from them, that they wisely created with their consciousness, for their own benefit? This would be the greatest disrespect we could offer.

Each of us are the sovereign authors of our divine mystery plays. When we are ready for change, we seek it out, or it finds us and we are inexplicably open and grateful. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

If someone in our life is not asking for us to be their teacher (i.e. offer winds of change for their experience), then that is not what their consciousness is creating right now, and likely they may be in resistance to us, and us to them. 

Love sees, honors, and respects all choices. When our agenda is to change something for someone, so they can be happier, healthier, more prosperous, or more enlightened, we are not seeing clearly. We are not fully present.

Full presence is unconditional Love, and its vision is crystal clear.

When we have no attachment or need for someone to show up in a certain way or not, or for it to go a certain way, we are in the heart of unconditional Love.

In being in the heart of unconditional Love, we are also offering this to ourselves: as Presence, as the Love that We Are. Unconditionally. 

Love is fully present, sees clearly, and is neutral about what it sees. And then it chooses.

Be present.

See Clearly.

Allow Love within as presence, without condition or attachment to outcome. 

Allow Love to Be without needing anything to be different. 

Allow Love to soften resistance.

Love with pure freedom and presence. 

This is the power of the Christed Consciousness. 

Infinite Love,



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October 30, 2017

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