Story of the Winter Bird

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Story of the Winter Bird

It was winter, and everything was frozen, but even in the midst of the cold and ice,  the bird saw love everywhere.

heart of ice and water

Old man winter’s hair spiked icicles, and frost dripped from his shaggy beard, but even his worst  blustering and blowing simply begat a heart at the end of his icy chin.

ice and wood

The bird was wise, and knew that even if the world around her looked cold and spoke of lack (for there was very little food to be found), creation truly was a horn of plenty that could never be diminished.  She knew her abundance grew from the inside out.

Rocky Ice

She consulted the ice-brain-man who lived just next door to the heart-beyond-logic. He in turn tuned in to the deep waves of love shimmering through the beautiful heart. Fluid knowing poured out his head as he resonated with the glistening vibration. Just then the heart-beyond-logic manifested a bubble-thought (heart shaped, of course!) above its self and to the right. The ice-brain-man understood, and told the bird that her friend was looking for her, and needed her.

Hearts of Ice

She flew in search of him and found him, her dear friend, the tiniest ice bird, snuggled into his wintry nest.

Ice Birds

She joined him, and there the two sang together of love and plenty and trust and warmth, all nestled into their crystal palace heart home of light.

Hearts of Crystalline Ice

All photos taken on 12-9-13 on the Willamette University campus. Bird with nest taken next to the University Center. All others taken at the frozen chicken fountain.