What is Awakening and Why Does it Matter?

What does it mean to be awake, in terms of human consciousness? What does it actually look like, and why does it matter?

Awakening is the most tremendous gift your life could possibly give you. Yes. That. And I’d love to show you how.

In awakening, you have infinitely more awareness. Awareness leads to peace, ease, and freedom in every area of your life, thus the gift. How does this happen? You become able to experience all that you are instead of living with it just out of view. When we are asleep to the true magnificence of what we are, we are naturally afraid and unsure. We feel vulnerable. And this makes sense, because in partial awareness (i.e. that given only through the 5 senses and what our minds and experiences tell us), we are living only a fraction of our potential and power.

This power restriction (we’ll call it a lack of illumination), is like living within a limited frequency range or spectrum of color where everything is dim and dull. Things feel wrong. You feel like you are not enough. Often you are suffering. Relationships are challenging, life is hard, your mind is troubled, and no matter how much more you learn and explore with your senses and your mind, you still feel this way.

In awakened awareness, there is an exponential expansion of voltage available. It’s like your life goes from being viewed in the light of a dim bulb to being illuminated with the power of stadium lights in technicolor, all while you settle into a spacious flow of peace. You can never believe that dark, small story again. You may encounter challenges in life (and as far as I can see, you will!), but your experience of them will be completely different. What used to send you into a tailspin may now actually bring you joy. What used to keep you awake at night now doesn’t even register as an issue.

And as this happens, so many things cease.

  • You no longer feel uncomfortable in your skin.
  • You are ok with who you are.
  • You are ok being seen, heard, and known.
  • You feel safe in the world.
  • You know you are enough, that you are worthy, and that you are amazing. Eventually, these concepts cease having importance to you, as you simply are.
  • You are peaceful with the choices of those around you, even when they are very different than yours.
  • Judgment falls away in favor of neutral observation, thus you no longer have to experience the constriction of duality in your body, mind, and emotions.
  • Reactionism to the external events naturally subsides and is replaced by a steady, internal generation of your life.

Even your deepest fears about life and death go away.

Why? These fears are linked to an essential misunderstanding, which we might call identity, which is ultimately limited and false. In awakening, you no longer believe that you are a who, which is a person naturally limited to this lifetime, body, personality, story, and circumstance. You move into living as consciousness that transcends time and space. And I can tell you, life as a human is way easier in all of that space! You not only understand that you are fully human and divine (that they are one and the same, even), but this actually becomes your experience. All while you continue to live and breathe as a regular human, having individualized adventures as a person on planet earth.

It’s interesting. Existence as an identity (and conformity to others’ identity) is what we’ve been been taught to believe. This belief definitely keeps us small and in our place. But how, I ask, can you keep infinite consciousness and awareness in its place? What place would that be?! 🙂

So above all else, awakening is freedom, and I’m talking freedom that goes all the way through to where everything really does end up being ok. This includes all the pieces of your identity and experience: story, body, personality, world events, circumstances, and history.

The conditioning to the limitation happens in so many ways – through family systems, governments, education, religions, and even financial structures. Simply bring each of those areas/topics into your awareness. Do they naturally lead you to feel that you are infinite possibility, born of the very stuff of the stars? No? Then perhaps there is another option.

Imagine if the world were filled with people with awakened awareness and that you are one of them. You and everyone else is walking around being the glorious freedom, brilliance, magnificence, joy and love that you are. What would the problem be then? If we actually knew what we are, wars would cease, suffering would end, and a light so brilliant would engulf from this planet that we could never again believe that we are less than the infinite potential and expression of creation itself.

I’m in. You?

Christine Laria is an awakening guide, sound healer, and intuitive coach. Find here here or join us in Living Awake


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March 4, 2019


  1. Melissa Bean Laudiero

    I’m in! This world of awakened consciousness is exactly what I’ve been envisioning…Thank you my dear friend for all you are!

    • Christine Laria

      I so know you are all in. 🙂 And likewise on that gratitude piece, Melissa!

  2. Eli Goodwin

    Yes Christine, Fabulous One, I am all in! Much wisdom here…but wisdom of a different order. One version of the cosmic joke is you can’t amass enough information to make you free. I just had to try it for long enough to see that it wasn’t working and that my trying it all that time was not a mistake! You are one of those great teachers/guides who gets freedom well enough to point to it with fewer words.

    Fully human and divine being one and the same experientially is what it’s all about. I’ve been saying forever that the physical plane is not “divinity’s bastard,” as most religions and even spiritual practices make it out to be. The doors are opening for me to live this realization.

    I can see how all my experiences have brought me to this– and how wonderful a catalyst Christine has been and continues to be on my journey!

    • Christine Laria

      I Love this, Eli! What a great phrase -that physicality is not “divinity’s bastard.” So many traditions go so far as to demonize the flesh, or at least make it “not the thing,” as if it is a mistake or less than the all that is. Another clear example of the perspective of separation in process! I love that you also point to how “information” (i.e. understanding) does not equal freedom. Yes. I think we’ve all tried it a good long while, and yes, no mistakes there!
      Love you and love your journey. – Christine

  3. Susan

    So good to take that in. I love the vision you paint of an awakened world!


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