You may be aware that you are a brightly awakened consciousness in your family or circle of friends. All of me loves that you are. Most likely this light in your heart kindles your desire to help others into the expansion you’ve discovered.

It’s the most natural thing in the world to share our most powerful discoveries and knowings with those we love, particularly when their lives could be made so much easier through the sharing.

Discord arises, however, when we desire to show them a higher perspective but they are not asking for this guidance, when we mistake our awakened awareness as an indication that we are meant to be the ones to teach/guide/lead them. While this impulse may have their well-being at heart, it is still another version of “this, not that.” Thus we can see that the urge arises from the lower mind encased in personality and egoic agenda. Our highest consciousness has no need to convert or convince anyone about anything.

Rather than visiting yet another version of opinion on those we love (even the most highest, expanded one!), we can instead hold a greater space of awareness and compassion. Being an energetic guide in your family or circle means that you are the one holding a space without judgment or agenda. That you are the one holding a space beyond opinion. It means you meet everything with your whole Presence, which is unconditional love.

Here you realize humans can be “right” or “wrong” and that there is another, much more loving option to simply Be. This Being connects you to the very essence of Love that you are. From there, you let love speak. Love always knows. It isn’t pushy or insistent like the mind. It is fine with everyone choosing their own way. It recognizes the inherent value of every choice, all the while holding the greatest knowing and vision for freedom beyond the smaller, more painful choices. It honors all.

To be a powerful way-shower, it is important to hold a space of vibration more than a platform of pronouncement. This means you have dealt with your own wounds and content so thoroughly that you are not triggered by others’ and instead meet them with gentle presence when they encounter their own constriction. I would also suggest that an urge to teach, correct, guide and show is also in the category of trigger, and what I’m speaking into here is the quality of the impulse – the “urge,” or “need” rather than the action itself. When you embody spaciousness, you have let go of your attachment to your own path of conscious awakening and its gifts. Then you step into guiding others by embodying a higher frequency instead of yet another opinion. This frequency holds space for anything and everything to raise.

In doing this, you continue your own expansion into enlightenment. You make room for them to discover their own insights, find their own illumined path, all while honoring the master within both of you. For we are all masters who are simply living various levels of connection and awareness of that in our waking dream. No one is ahead or behind.

When someone asks, or we feel love guide something we share, there is an ease and flow. Everyone is gifted in this space. Of course in this unfolding there are teachers and students and leaders and followers – all of the roles we play at various times. It’s helpful to remember they are just that: roles. In the space of unity consciousness we are easy with all of them, recognizing each part is an expression of the Whole, which we All Are. We are happy to receive a word from another, give a word to another, or simply tap into the quantum field and receive our information directly. It’s all One.

You see how the individual identity has let go of the positioning in this last description? There is a free flow of movement – giving and receiving wisdom are One and the same. All aspects become the Embodiment of Being, with deep honoring of every part of life around us doing the same.

Grateful for your brilliance and love –