Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

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Your Opinion Doesn't Matter

Our minds have constant opinions about everything. Opinions are known by many names: perspectives, judgments, points of view. The mind reflexively sorts, decides and pronounces. It is invested in its opinions, because they are linked to our identity, our sense of our selves, something we wish to protect and defend. Thus the mind is fully invested in right and wrong as a means toward keeping us safe.

Our hearts, however, and what we might call our awareness, have no opinion at all. About anything.

Interestingly, our minds never have awareness, only opinions! Ask your mind what it thinks about something and it will have a long list of opinions and perspectives. Ask your heart, or your awareness, and the answer will be neutral presence, also known as unconditional love.

Thus our mind is incapable of loving unconditionally, as it is naturally fragmented through the lens of self-identification. The pure awareness of the heart is the only path to love. 

Ask yourself: What if my opinion doesn’t matter? What if no one else’s does either? What is really here, minus my sense of right or wrong about this? Breathe. Listen for the presence of You, the wisdom beyond the circumstances, beliefs and experiences. Listen for the brilliant knowing of the love that you are, the presence that heals everything.

Infinite love to you –  in the spacious awareness of your beautiful, boundless hearts.