Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

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Your Opinion Doesn't Matter

Our minds have constant opinions about everything – call them perspectives, judgments, points of view, whatever you like. The mind reflexively sorts, decides and pronounces. Today after a frustrating visit to one of my husband’s physicians (films lost, phone calls not answered, attitude of blame from the doctor, etc. – there’s always a story, isn’t there?), we decided it was time to receive this particular kind of care elsewhere. As my mind sorted through the morning’s events, looking to shore up my decision so I’d feel “right” about it, I found myself weary of the “right” game, which is always a loser. As a friend said recently, “you can be right, or you can be wrong, or you can be free” (thanks, Zach), I knew we were going to switch doctors, so why keep mentally going over the info?

And then I decided to ask myself this question: Does my heart have an opinion about it? And the answer came quickly – a resounding “No!” So funny! My heart only had an awareness, and that awareness helped lead to choice and action, but it had no opinion, judgment, pronouncement, or need to be right. I laughed out loud when I realized my heart never has an opinion, just awareness. Likewise I realized my mind never has awareness, only opinions! So I asked my heart what it knew about this doctor, and again, a clear answer came: I love him. That was all. We wouldn’t choose to receive his care any more, but I loved him. And I felt grateful for the amazing gift he had given me through this awareness that my heart never has an opinion. Through him, I was led to understand that my mind can never love unconditionally and that the pure awareness of the heart is the only path to love. Amazing!

I wasn’t sure if this photo “qualified” (cute little mind!) as a heart photo, but I bet you can see it. Mostly she captured the spirit of freedom and movement I felt upon tuning into this expansive, playful and grateful heart awareness. Infinite love to you –  in the spacious awareness of your beautiful, boundless hearts.