Your Tremendous Power

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Your Tremendous Power

When we future cast in worry and fear, we send little energy deposits to forward points on our linear timeline that then wait for us, opening when we arrive. I’ve learned this from experience. It’s almost like our fears think they are presents we placed on our wish list, or actors in a show. Like seasoned broadway stars who never miss a cue, they show up right on time. Together they sing their worry and fear song with all of their hearts, giving Tony-winning performances of the parts they’ve practiced over and over. And they do it with love. “You thought about me for weeks! I can tell you love me, and I’m going to give my all for you!” The energy of our future projections gathers there for us, creating a cast and show so compelling we almost don’t have a choice as to whether or not we play out its plot for the day.

The universe is so lovingly responsive, so true to our creation, that it will deliver exactly what we ordered. And it delivers what we ordered with our energy, not our thoughts. It delivers the experiences that came to life in in our imaginations and emotions, not the words we used to talk ourselves out of them afterward.

This last trip down the life rapids, we approached another cancer surgery date. This is Rob’s third of these, and we’ve had some tough results from past ones. But as we neared this particular tight spot, we were both present in our moments of approach, perhaps for the first time. In the days and weeks leading up, we were present with what was before us right then. We stayed in the now. We were also completely surrendered to whatever the experience was to bring and be when it came.

And that day came with peace. With humor and love. When the moment came, it was wide open and spacious, because we hadn’t put anything there ahead of time. We hadn’t crowded and scripted it with future projections. There was a little anxiousness the hour or two before, but it couldn’t gain speed because its playmates of fear, worry and dread were not there to dance with. They hadn’t been given any lines in the script that day. So anxiousness just peeked in from the wings, and then hopped into the stream outside the amphitheater door where it bounced along in the flow of peace, trust and being.

We don’t need beat ourselves up if we get stuck in the loop of worry or fear, but we also then don’t need to think that God or the Universe is punishing us if our worst fears come true, or that we failed. Maybe instead we can just see that we are being shown how incredibly powerful we are, and how loving the universe is, that it responds so picture-perfectly to our projections. Isn’t that amazing? And meanwhile, we can simply be where we are. How are you right now? Is your worst fear happening right now? 🙂 Guess what? Now is forever.